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Event Packages

Customize Your Favorite Drinks for an Unforgettable Event!

The 716

Your choice of up to TWO different domestic or import beers

The Shout

Your choice of up to THREE different beers.

TWO domestic/import options and ONE craft beer option.

A Little Bit Louder Now

Your choice of up to FOUR different beers

Two craft beer options and TWO domestic/import options


Your choice of up to FIVE different beers

The customer has the option of choosing up to five different domestic/import and craft beer options

Each Package Includes

  •  Disposable cups, napkins, lids (if requested)
  •   Minimum of two bartenders
  •   Champagne (price dependent on guest count)
  •   Bar with menu of available beverages
  •   Additional bar available for water, coffee, and non-alcoholic beverages

Mentionable Add-ons

  •   Wine (price dependent on guest count)
  •   Hard Seltzer (price dependent on guest count)
  •   Champagne (price dependent on guest count)
  •   Hard Cider (price dependent on guest count)
  •   Non-Alcoholic Package: Self-served Stations of Coffee, Water, and Soda included if requested at no additional charge
  •   Did we miss something? Let us know what beverages you’d like on our inquiry form

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